Sziget Festival 2019

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An island party like no other

Sziget Festival is a massive music and cultural festival taking place in Budapest. Begun in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union as a means to provide arts programming for students, the festival has grown into one of the biggest and most iconic in the world.

Taking over the 266 acre Obuda Island for an entire week each year in August, Sziget offers over 1,000 performances and has been labelled the Burning Man of Europe for its otherworldly atmosphere.

Annually presenting lineup consisting of the biggest names from all genres across 9 stages (and plethora of boat parties), as well as an amusement park, chill out areas, a beach and more, the festival truly has something for everyone.  

If you are not a big fan of camping, if you need some comfort, stay at Alfréd! A nice bed, shower and full buffet breakfast after the party.....What else do you need ? 

And one more thing- we are very close to the Sziget! Only 4 stops by the HÉV (H5-local train)!!

Early bird tickets are now on sale on the offical website of the Festival! 

The first concert on 07.08.2019: ED SHEERAN !

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